Appetizers, Snacks,

Fries & Fried Stuff

Ricotta Stuffed Sweet Potato Tots       $6
Julienne Sweet Potato Tots stuffed with sage Honey Infused Ricotta - Served with your Choice of dipping Sauces
Fried Pickles                                           $5
with your choice of a dipping sauce
Mozzarella Sticks                                   $6
5 sticks to an Order,
Served with Our marinara Sauce
Fried Green Beans                                $5
Your mother always said “Eat Your Green Beans !” Go ahead, Make her Proud
Includes a serving of one of our
dipping sauces, Boom Boom,
Tiger Sauce, Cucumber Wasabi
or Spicy Ranch
Fresh Hand Cut Fries  
We have 3 Sizes  
Side Order with any Burger, Dog or Sandwich  $1.50
1/2 order  $3.00
Full Order   $4.50
Twice Fried, sprinkled with
Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper

Sweet Potato Fries                $5
Only Comes as a Full Order
Served with your choice of dipping sauces; Cucumber Wasabi, Boom- Boom Sauce
 or Tiger Sauce (horse-radish)
Additional Dipping Sauces & Dressings $.75
Chicken Finger Basket  $8.50
with our Fresh Cut Fries
Blue Cheese or Ranch Dipping Sauce





Fat Tomato Grill
York Village, Maine
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